5 Romantic Attractions in Bali

5 Romantic Attractions in Bali


Every couple would want to visit a romantic location during their honeymoon. In Bali, many romantic-themed attractions are suitable as an option. Not only that, the facilities and location are also very convenient. Curious?

If you look closely, tourist locations on the Island of the Gods are very diverse. There are beaches, waterfalls, and contemporary hangouts. Here are the choices, especially for those who want to go on a honeymoon or give a romantic surprise trip to their loved ones.

5 Romantic Attractions in Bali

A romantic place is usually described as a calm and comfortable atmosphere. Then the surrounding scenery is soothing to the eyes, plus a natural background to support your time together being more intimate. Some of the attractions on the Island of the Gods below provide the exact atmosphere.

  • The Edge

On Jalan Pura Goa Lempeh, Uluwatu, there is a resort located at an altitude of 161.5 meters above sea level. The view is unique, namely the Indian Ocean. Many newly married couples choose this location as their honeymoon destination. The facilities are also complete and intended for romantic tourism for local and international tourists.

  • Asah Hill

This hill has quite extreme characteristics, so going there on foot or using a motorbike is recommended. Suitable for couples who like to pump their adrenaline, with still a romantic ending. From the top of the hill, you can see the beautiful Virgin Beach while enjoying the company of your beloved partner.

  • Floating Restaurant

You must be familiar with a candlelight dinner at a downtown restaurant. If so, you need to visit a floating restaurant in the Lake Batur area, Kintamani. Being in the middle of the lake with stunning views will give a romantic impression you will not find anywhere else. A unique bridge is also provided, which can be used as a photo spot for lovers to get to the restaurant’s location.

  • Campuhan Hill

Campuhan Hill is one of the tourist attractions, including virgin or in other words still very natural. There is a beach with white sand, similar to the beaches in the Nusa Dua area, where you and your partner can walk through the hills while enjoying nature. There is also an alternative to renting a bicycle if you don’t want to get tired of walking.

If you want a more exciting romance, sit together as a couple in a stretch of hilly area. Enjoy the beauty of nature while chatting or turning the location into a beautiful candlelight dinner.

  • Di Mare

If the dream of going to Greece has not been realized, at least you can feel the sensation of Greece in the tourist area in the form of villas and various supporting facilities. Packed in a thick Greek style and is indeed suitable for honeymooners. Tranquility, comfort, good food, and complete facilities are the reasons for coming to this villa in Ungasan, Badung. 

Are you interested in trying a romantic vacation and honeymoon in one of these best places? You have to arrange the schedule, book the plane ticket so you can land at the Bali airport, and go straight to the most romantic location on the Island of the Gods of your choice. Enjoy your romantic time here with your partner!

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