shipping container delivery service

Shipping Container Delivery Service


There are a few different ways that shipping containers can be delivered. The first one we will mention is the most common method for container delivery, and that is tilt-bed delivery. A tilt bed delivery is the most popular and widely used way to deliver your shipping container. The type of truck used can either be a straight truck, a pickup truck such as Ford F350s, or a tractor-trailer combo. The truck will back into the place where you want your container, and then the trailer will basically flip down, and a small lift will essentially lower one end of the container to the ground. Next, the truck will pull forward as the lift lowers the other container end. So your container is basically slid to the ground, right where you want it. This makes for a fast and easy delivery.

Shipping Container Delivery

The tilt bed truck and trailer combo is the next most used method to deliver shipping containers. It can deliver up to 45’ in length or a combination thereof. First, the truck is backed up to where you’d like the container placed. Tilt bed trucks tip their beds up at an angle to slide the container off. The trailer is tilted, and then rolled off the back of the trailer. When we deliver, the doors will be facing the back of the cab or the front of the cab. Before delivery, you will just let us know which way you’d like the doors facing and we’ll take care of it from there.



Another way shipping containers are delivered is by flatbed delivery. This method of delivery isn’t used unless specifically requested.This type of delivery will require the receiving company to have a forklift or a crane at the site. First, a forklift or crane will set your container on a truck at the depot, and then once they arrive at your property, the driver will lift the container off as soon as it reaches your property. These trucks are typically only used in the delivery of shipping containers over several hundred miles.

Before we deliver your container, make sure to tell us the exact location of where the container is going. We can google map your address to see an aerial view of your location. We also recommend you send us pictures or a video of the area, or driveway if you have concerns about turning as well.

Something that is essential to a successful delivery is to make sure your site has the necessary clearance needed to ensure safe delivery. We require that you at least have 100ft of straight clearance for a 40ft container, and 60-80 ft clearance for a 20ft container. You should measure the space several days before your delivery date to ensure that you have enough space for a container. Also, we require you to have at least 12ft total width for the truck to deliver the container. 14ft of vertical clearance is required as well for the truck and trailer to drive under an obstacle safely.

Also, please make sure that your site is leveled. This will help us deliver your container successfully. We need to deliver on a flat surface and doing this ensures that the doors open and close easily.. Our drivers will check that the doors will open and shut easily, and you can too!

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