Travel Photography Etiquettes with Ram Chary Everi

Travel Photography Etiquettes with Ram Chary Everi


Travel photography is fun. However, it becomes better if you know the surrounding people and etiquette. You need to be conscious before pointing and shooting at the subject. Young people and new photographers should never disrespect people and places when they step out of their comfort zone to capture the pictures they want. 

Respect people and places

Ram Chary Everi is a 25-year-old graphic designer and photographer from Boston. He is also an alumnus of Boston University. He is practicing his fine arts degree by covering different events and designing a whole range of printed materials. He drives to the North-East during his free time to get his boat out to search for good tuna. 

He is aware that fishing gets quite competitive; however, when he is out in the water, something refreshes him. According to him, growing up in Boston makes the people there accustomed to the water, which he appreciates. He supports Oceana, a non-profit organization that encourages and educates people on how they can become stewards in their states with the help of webinars, workshops, and other printed materials. 

Take permission before you click photographs

The above might seem counterproductive. However, it is the correct thing for you, especially when you visit communities and conservative countries. It would help if you did not shoot at everything you see. Make sure you take permission from the people or the host before photographing the subject. Otherwise, often, it might turn out to be uncalled for and offensive for some.

In several religions, taking photographs of prayer areas is not allowed as they want people to meditate without any distractions. When you want to photograph a child, seek permission from their parents or guardians. It would help if you introduced yourself as a photographer for breaking the ice. 

Give space to other photographers as well

You might be a professional photographer in the region. However, it would help if you gave your fellow photographers the chance to get a good shot too. If you are a tourist and visit a crowded place, you should leave your fancy equipment at home. This stops damage and loss on their part too. When you want to take landmarks, do not stay in a single place. It would help if you allowed other photographers to take their spot after some shots and then move to another location. This should be done for people who wish to take their pictures with a landmark. 

According to Ram Chary Everithe above are just some simple tips that you should keep in mind regarding photography etiquettes. Showing respect to others is the first rule. Whenever you travel out of your comfort zone, you need to be conscious of your surroundings and culture. 

Be aware of the conservation practices as this helps you educate others and the photographs you capture. In this way, you can be a responsible photographer known for respecting others and creating a fantastic portfolio!

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