3 Komodo Island Nature Tours with Stunning Natural Panoramas

3 Komodo Island Nature Tours with Stunning Natural Panoramas


You must have often heard that Komodo island trips are already popular among local and foreign tourists. Komodo Island, part of the Komodo National Park, has attracted the public’s attention domestically and internationally because of the largest lizard species in the world that only lives in Indonesia. Moreover, people can also enjoy its fantastic nature after seeing these komodo dragons. So what are the Komodo Island tours that are worth visiting? Here’s the information.

3 Stunning Komodo Island Nature Tours 

1. Komodo Island

The first tour is visiting the only natural habitat of the ancient lizard species, Komodo Island. There are various options for Komodo tours to enjoy the experience of seeing the largest, rare and protected lizard.

Not only seeing at close range, but you can also learn to understand Komodo’s activities thanks to a team of guides. This island is the largest in the Komodo National Park area. You can enjoy the island’s natural beauty while doing short trekking when visiting.

Everything has been well facilitated from short, medium, to long trekking routes, and you can choose according to your ability. Tourists can also try diving, snorkeling, and climbing hills to see the fantastic views of the archipelago.

2. Rinca Island

The next Komodo Island tour is visiting Rinca Island. The second-largest island after Komodo Island and is relatively closer when coming from Labuan Bajo. So it is often visited by tourists who are having their holiday in Labuan Bajo.

This island stuns tourists with its beautiful charm. There is also a natural habitat for Komodo dragons on this island, although not as much as on Komodo Island. Visitors can try different tracks or routes for a tour to see Komodo dragons up close.

Exploring water tourism on Rinca Island can also be the right option. The blue seawater as far as the eye can see and the view of the savanna is pleasing to the eye. In addition, you can also enjoy the beauty of white sand along the mangrove forest to climb the hill.

3. Pink Beach

Pink Beach is a beach located in the south of Komodo Island. This beach offers a view of pink sand from the crushed sea coral rocks that were washed to the shore. Some also say this pink sand comes from microscopic animals called foraminifera.

The treats of various kinds of coral and fish species add to the charm of Pink Beach that’s definitely breathtaking to anyone who visits. You won’t find the combination of pink sand beaches, clear seawater and blue skies all together in other spots.

In addition to enjoying the stunning beach, tourists can also try other back to nature activities. One of the favorites is climbing the green cliffs on the beach. From the top of the cliff, you can see the beauty of Pink Beach from a height.

Those are three tourist destinations on Komodo Island with stunning natural beauty. You can also try glamping camping at each of these locations. Enjoy!

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