Things One Should Know About Munich Hop on Hop Off Bus Tours

Things One Should Know About Munich Hop on Hop Off Bus Tours


Bus tours are the best way to explore any city. The hop on hop off tours allows you to get down from the bus and enjoy the destination stop. There are so many benefits of hop on hop off bus tours such as multilingual guide and different routes in which you can go to the most iconic places of the city and grab the best from your tour. The tour package you want to book completely depends upon the time you are spending in the city. You can come out of the bus and then spend the amount of time you want to spend at that place.

You can book your Munich bus tour from a reputed website so that you get the best price. There are different bus routes so you can compare different bus tours to explore Munich and its rich culture and heritage. There are lots of things to do in the city. This post will help you to know about some of the Munich bus tours. To know more you can just click here for Munich Bus Tour Comparisons.

Things to Know About Bus Tours in Munich

Walk in the Old Town – If you want to go through the history of Munich then this place is the best one for you. You can visit the historical and iconic monuments that describe a lot more about the city.

You can explore the places like city’s central square and the oldest church in the town and that is St. Peter’s Church. This tour will give you every glimpse of the historical evidences in the city. This will be a beautiful historical tour of your life.

Hop on Hop Off Bus Tours – Hop on Hop Off bus tours are the best tours that you can choose to explore the city. Depending upon the time you want to spend you can book a ride for you for 24 to 48 hours. The time period to book the buses is from 9:40 am to 6 pm.

Nothing can be better than the moment when you are travelling in the city on top of a double decker bus. These buses are very comfortable and you can explore the whole city from top. You can come out of the buses at all stations listed on the route and spend time there.

Segway Tour – Segway Tour is the most convenient way in which you can explore the city without tiring. In this tour to Munich you will have a local expert with you who will guide you through the most iconic places of the city. This tour starts from the English Garden and ends at the same place. The tour covers major attractions like old town, Odeonsplatz and the Victory gate.

Bavaria Food Tour – If you are a foodie and love to go for a food tour then nothing can be more special than Bavarian food tour. There are many places where you can have beer and the delicious food of the Munich. Beer is not just a drink in Bavaria because you can explore lot more about beer here. You can go to the Beer and Oktoberfest museum and then to the other beer halls where you can taste different flavors of the local beers.

Private Tour – Private tour will be different from all of the above tours. In this tour, your guide will accompany you to the places where you want to go. This tour will go as you want and to the places you prefer the most be it a historical or food place.

These are some of the bus tours in Munich that you can think to choose.

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