Most Affordable Restos in Brisbane

Most Affordable Restos in Brisbane


One of the best things about traveling in Australia is the budget friendly nature of the country. There is a long history of road trip culture in this country and this way of life has become a tradition. This has opened up an accepting and friendly vibe in all territories that road trippers enjoy. This is good news for budget travelers. Even in cities that are known to be expensive, such as the exciting and thriving Brisbane, travelers can enjoy a fine time without breaking their budget. In Brisbane you can even partake in the city’s well known culinary delights. So if you’re heading out on a budget campervan hire australia journey then make sure to check out these delicious but affordable restaurants.

Little Greek Taverna

This absolutely thriving eatery offers up incredibly filling home-cooked Greek fare that is legendary within the city and with travelers passing through. The homemade dips here can’t be found anywhere else and the mezedes are to die for. Also check out the tiropita and the souvlaki which have long been famous with customers. Any plate in the establishment can be had for under 20 dollars and many of them even under 10. Even the delicious grilled seafood plate doesn’t crack the 20 dollar level, so this is the place to come if you want a filling meal of Greek foods for less than 20 dollars, plus the lively atmosphere is a great way to get a taste of the local culture.

Double Shot Espresso

This local café may be tiny but it serves up an interesting and delicious array of savory and sweet dishes for just a fraction of what you will pay at some of the higher end cafes in the area. If you’re in the mood for desert foods then the cakes, terrines, and tarts are essential, and for something more filling why not go with one of the specialty sandwiches that change from day to day? Plus, if you’re a little weary from all those hours on the road during your campervan hire australia journey, then one of the double shots of espresso that gives the establishment its name will definitely come in handy.

Mrs Luu’s Vietnamese Canteen

This contemporary Vietnamese establishment offers up fantastic banh mi sandwiches served with extremely fresh salads, rice paper rolls, and daily specials ranging from brisket and noodle soups to mango bowls. Many of the dishes come in at under ten dollars and are known to be unique and delicious fare, with high reviews all around from critics and customers alike. If you’ve never had Vietnamese, then this is the perfect opportunity to sample the delights of this genre without going broke in the process, and for long-time fans this unique and progressive culinary version will grant you an experience you’ve never had before.

Swamp Dog

No visit to Brisbane is complete without chowing down on some fish and chips, and the best place to get an affordable serving is at this unique eatery that serves up dishes of fresh seafood that is locally caught and sustainable. Of course the sigh and chips are the main draw here, but there are also a wide range of other dishes just in case you aren’t in the mood for the main dish. You can eat right at the establishment or get takeout, and keep in mind that the South Bank Parklands is right down the street so having your meal there on a nice day is certainly recommended.

Jan Powers Farmers Market

Right in the central business district, every Wednesday this massive farmers market pops up to the delight of locals and travelers alike. Dozens and dozens of stalls line the streets with farmers and food co-ops offering up their wares. This is also a great way to find a great dish for under ten dollars. The hand-crafted dumplings are very popular and only cost six dollars. You can also find a variety of exotic cheeses, meats and fish, baked goods, and more. The grounds are right next to the botanical gardens, so you can enjoy your meal on the lush and scenic grounds. When it comes to finding a cheap, fresh meal in a lively atmosphere, you really can’t beat Jon Powers Farmers Market.

If you’re embarking on a budget campervan hire australia journey and plan on taking in Brisbane, then rest easy that you will be able to eat very well without running past your budget. This city is known for its culinary delights and its thriving restaurant scene, and this doesn’t leave budget travelers out in the cold. You can enjoy the restaurants on this list, plus many more, without having to burn through all of your money. Don’t skip out on Brisbane just because you’re on a budget.

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