The 7 best ways to transform your photographs into desirable gifts

The 7 best ways to transform your photographs into desirable gifts


Don’t know where to store your hundreds of old photographs? Want to preserve some of the precious memories while cleaning up the mobile phone gallery? Here, we have got some creative ideas to transform your old photographs into amazing gifts. Whatever the occasion is, buy gifts in India and send them to your loved ones who are staying abroad.

People love photo gifts. It can be a photo wall clock, a photo-printed coffee mug, a picture collage wall-hanging, a tee-shirt and many more options yet to come.

A photo book album with a particular theme:

It can be a perfect gift idea for your old-school bestie’s birthday. Collect all your school day photographs together. Take professional help to create a photo book that actually looks amazing that your bestie will proudly preserve forever.

Also, you can create one using professional software. After creating the soft copy, you need to take a physical printout of the album.

A mobile phone back cover or case:

What about creating a mobile phone cover with your old photographs? It can be a personalized back cover that everyone will appreciate. You can select multiple pictures to create a collage of them. however, a single photograph also can be used. It can be from your old school days or from the lovely travel album.

Use software to create your own phone cover or go with a professional artist.

A puzzle block for your kids:

Do your kids love solving puzzles? Here, you can create a perfect personalized photo gift for them. choose a funny family photograph with your kids, pets and everyone from the family. Now, you have to use the photographs to create a block puzzle game. They will love to receive such a creative gift.

An artistic canvas printing:

Using advanced software, you can easily transform an old photograph into a painting or a sketch. Now, it will be printed on a canvas with a beautiful frame. It could be a perfect gift for your friend who loves to decorate the home with creative things.

A customized lampshade with a photo collage:

Customized lampshades are perfect customized gifts that are useful too. You can use a personal picture collage to be printed on the lamp.

If you have the budget, buy a personalized moon lamp that is imprinted with a beautiful photograph of the recipient. It looks like a real moon is glowing inside the room just like the real moon does above the sky. This beautiful replicated moon lamp enhances the beauty quotient while lightening up.

A casual tee-shirt:

Use your old photographs to be printed on a tee shirt along with a personalized birthday message. It can be a perfect gift for your friends and younger siblings. Instead of a single photograph, you can use a photo collage.

A customized table calendar:

Use your old photographs to create a personalized calendar. A table calendar with 12 separate customized photographs or photo collages looks just perfect as a gift. The recipient will love to receive such an amazing gift on his/her birthday.

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