Things that make Monsoon the most enjoyable time of the year

Things that make Monsoon the most enjoyable time of the year


Monsoon is the time that we see rainy mornings and cloudy afternoons. It feels like the whole world around us is taking a refreshing bath. Everything looks so clean and clear. The green leaves and the bushy trees look greener during this time. Be it a town, village or city, rain makes every place look afresh. Raining in the night, or drizzling in the early morning, it becomes a fantastic view to see the water drops falling on the earth’s surface and washing off the dust. There are a lot of romantic songs associated with the rainy season in Bollywood. Because rain somehow makes us miss the person who is close to our heart. Everything seems to be more romantic during this time. Although clothes take time to get dried and cleaning the house, again and again, becomes a tough job; many things make monsoon one of the favorite seasons for the Indians.

Sound of rain: When the pitter-patter sound comes from the rooftop, it gives us a different kind of hope for something good and fresh. The rain sound is always soul-touching. It can soothe the mind and heart. The sound of rain is an ultimate rhythmic tone that gives happiness to anyone and everyone.

View from the windows: Do you like enjoying the rain from inside the house or go outside and dance? Well, everyone has their way of enjoying the rain. But most of us love the view of raining from our window. Ever had a journey by train and enjoyed raining? The raindrops falling on the glass window and the moving train make the best combination. Even seeing rain from your cozy bed, inside a quilt is so much pleasing.

Paper boats: Making paper boats during this season used to be our favorite passtime in childhood, isn’t it? It just used to make us so happy to see the water logs as it created our small ocean and rivers where we sailed our paper boats and ships. So many childhood memories are attached to the monsoon and making paper boat is the most cherished one.

Chai and Pakode: The excitement of having “GaramGaram Chai and Pakode” gets multiplied during the time of monsoon. Although all the ingredients of the pakoda remain the same the taste intensified when we take bites of fritters during rains.

Family chit chat times: When it rains heavily, and there is a rainy day holiday at school, or sick leave from office, we mostly enjoy the family time at home. This used to be the favorite time for the whole family members as they used to get a lot of warmth of togetherness during this time, over cups of coffee and tea.

Bike ride with girlfriend: As it is mentioned earlier, monsoon enhances the romantic moments. A bike ride in heavy is all you would want for a romantic rainy day. This is such a special thing about the rainy days that lovers wish the monsoon stays for the entire year.

Late-night calls with a lover: On rainy nights, the phone calls get extended to hours and hours. Talking to your lover with the sound of rain is just mesmerizing. You would never realize when it is the sun rising time when you are on a romantic call with your lover on a rainy night. You can also add a midnight surprise during your calls by ordering any gift or flowers from MyFlowerApp.Com.

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