Flowers that calm the spirit

Flowers that calm the spirit


Mental health benefits have been linked to the consumption of all plants. To reduce anxiety, it helps to be surrounded by plants on a regular basis. Taking good care of our plants can help us relax and improve our disposition. 


Both the flowers from penang flower delivery  and the leaves of the lavender plant are highly prized for their aromatic properties. This low-maintenance shrub prefers a sunny location, blooms in late spring and summer, and can be planted at any time during the year. 

One of the most popular essential oils comes from the lavender plant, and inhaling it has been shown to have many health benefits, including memory enhancement, stress reduction, and a calming effect. The floral aroma it emits is great for relieving stress and creating an overall relaxing environment. 


Jasmines can be either evergreen or deciduous climbers, depending on the species, and they can bloom either in the summer or the winter. Climbing plants with fragrant, tiny flowers that bloom in the summer are called jasmines. The bright yellow flowers of the winter jasmine shrub are a welcome sight during the grey days of winter. 

There is a sweet, distinctive scent associated with all jasmines and their flowers from online florist kl, which are small and shaped like stars. This enticing aroma has long been revered for its ability to calm the nerves and bring relief from stress. We can expect to feel calmer and more at ease in the presence of jasmine. 

Lemon balm

Lemon balm, a member of the mint family, is a bushy perennial herb with oval, lemon-scented leaves that have scalloped edges and slender spikes of creamy-white or pale-purple flowers in the summer. Named after the Greek word for “bee,” melisa is a flowering plant that attracts pollinating insects. 


Rosemary, a perennial herb in the mint family, has been used for centuries in alternative medicine in addition to its more well-known use in the kitchen. Rosemary is a sun-loving shrub with needle-like leaves and a scent that transports you to the Mediterranean. Since it thrives in the open air, some gardeners favour growing rosemary there instead of more conventional shrubs. 

The woodsy aroma of rosemary essential oil has made it a staple in aromatherapy. This is due to its ability to relax the body while stimulating the mind. You can use rosemary oil for anything from better memory to a calmer state of mind. 

Iris gerbera 

The Gerbera daisy is a riot of colour and life for any garden, large or small. Gerberas attract bees and other pollinating insects with their massive daisy-like blooms on long stems that rise from clumps of lobed leaves. 


In September and October, chrysanthemums provide a welcome late bloom. These perennials are either fully or partially hardy, making them suitable for use as houseplants, container plants, and even in outdoor borders. The incredible variety of chrysanthemum flower colours is unmatched. When planted in late summer or early fall, early-blooming chrysanthemums add a burst of colour to flower beds and other landscape features.

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