Adam Seger- People Skills and How It Serves the Food Industry

Adam Seger- People Skills and How It Serves the Food Industry


Customer service is of paramount importance in the hospitality, food, beverage, and taste industries. Guests not only need good food and drink, but they expect a certain level of service from people employed in this industry. Every establishment needs to place the onus on people skills and customer service to succeed and establish a place of credibility for guests to come back again and again in the industry. 

Adam Seger is a credible and highly respected name in the food, beverage, taste, and hospitality industries. He is passionate about food and drinks and attaches great importance to its preparation and customer service. He is a certified culinary specialist, a teacher, trainer, and an Advanced Sommelier. He believes that people working in the taste and hospitality industries should be educated well to offer excellent services to all their guests.

The importance of empathy in customer service 

According to him, the value of empathy is significant in customer service. While teaching staff, it is crucial to show them this practice. The team should go beyond recommendations and offer guests what they should order. They should be confident enough to ask their customers what they would like to eat or drink. 

To attain the above, one should be engaging and sincere. They should be comfortable around the guests they serve. In his opinion, a good server will contribute to the fond memories of a good dining experience of their guests. When people think about their favorite restaurants, they will never leave out their fond and memorable experiences with the staff.

Food and drinks become more special when people believe they have received excellent treatment. Their overall experience at the restaurant or bar makes them return every time to enjoy the same experience. 

The art of managing feedback

People skills are vital in the food and drink industry. This is why the staff should be taught how to request and manage feedback. They should have an advanced understanding of the customer and strive to give the customer the best services. At the same time, he believes that the staff should consistently hone their technical skills. Mixologists and chefs need to receive regular training, and they should update their knowledge of the industry that is constantly progressing with time. 

He recommends that for mixologists, upgrading popular drinks with fresh, high-quality, and seasonal ingredients give customers a novel experience. The art of creating drinks here is much more than mixing ingredients- it is more about making a drink that people will enjoy and keep in mind for a very long time. 

In his opinion, the training of taste professionals will help them create exquisite drinks and food combinations that will inspire them to come up with delicious meals that later will become a favorite for people.

Adam Seger believes that the individual growth of people working in this industry is indispensable. One should never miss out on building teamwork between the service and kitchen staff. This helps them become efficient in rendering the best service experience to customers!

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