Numeri Vincenti Di SiVinceTutto

Numeri vincenti di SiVinceTutto

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Born in 2011, Sivincetutto is an alternate sort of lottery, always offered by Superenalotto. What’s the essential idea? That of dividing the prize pool between the lower winning categories provided in the fact that the sestina isn’t reached. For those unacquainted Superenalotto, remember that within the latter, the very best prize pool is provided for those that, with their own ticket, real or virtual, get a sestina or guess the six numbers that are drawn. Then all the opposite winning categories come down, up to a minimum of two winning numbers.

In Sivincetutto, the mechanism is different: if no sestina is drawn, the prize pool is split among the opposite winning categories. As a result, there’s always a winner at every draw, whether it is a sestina or one among the opposite categories, the prize pool is usually distributed (hence the name of the sport itself!). and that is why there’s no jackpot, or an accumulation of undistributed prize pools (unlike the Superenalotto). Not for this, it’s less interesting. On the contrary: the presence of jackpots results in the presence of very high winnings, but which may occur very rarely.

Here in this article, we are going to talk about Numeri Vincenti di SiVinceTutto, so if you want to know everything about this lottery game, then do follow this article till the end.

Numeri vincenti di SiVinceTutto-

The Sivincetutto requires an equivalent requirement because the Superenalotto to participate: it takes to age and being a lottery where and how money, a responsible game is usually desired.

The mode consists of playing 12 numbers, between 1 and 90: to try to do this, you would like to travel to a licensed shop or, more simply, open your own online gaming account and play directly from your home. The draws happen once every week, on Wednesdays, at 20.30: numbers are often purchased until 19.30. Having the power to play 12 numbers rather than six significantly increases the probability of winning, doubling them compared to the normal lottery. Today’s Sivincetutto reports 10,269 wins, for a complete of 215,118 Euros. Definitely interesting!

Precisely for this reason, the value of the ticket may be a bit above that of the Superenalotto: 5 Euros, rather than 1 Euro.

What are the chances of winning during this game? In any case, that is the question we all ask ourselves once we plan to back a lottery. Well, the Sivincetutto archive is a stimulating source of data from now of view: both because it gives us a thought of the amount and extent of the winning results, and since it’s a superb help for those that like to play by applying strategies. The Martingale, for instance, maybe a system widely used for those that want to amplify the chances of winning: it consists in repeatedly betting on a particular number until it’s drawn (if it’ll ever be drawn!). in theory, the chances of winning with a pair of numbers are estimated around 1: 7; triplet 1:37; quatrain 1: 419; the fifth 1: 10.079 and therefore the sixth 1: 673.825. It seems impossible, but if you think that that at Superenalotto, the chances are 622.614.630, at Sivincetutto today, you’ll be the lucky winner, if not the sestina, a minimum of the opposite combinations.

Let us have a look at the latest result of this lottery ticket game-

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