How Much Do You Know about Worx Cordless String Trimmer

How Much Do You Know about Worx Cordless String Trimmer

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Cutting grass and weeds may be difficult at times, but due to a string trimmer, this job can be a lot easier. A string trimmer cuts these unnecessary things to keep your garden neat and clean. It manicures tree trunks and reaches the areas where large ride-on mowers can’t access.

Besides, a cordless string trimmer keeps your edges nicely trimmed and weed-free in a few minutes. Since some trimmers feature a rotating head so that you can use them as edgers, you won’t need to purchase them separately in those cases.

When it comes to choosing cordless string trimmer, you’ll find plenty of brands and models out there. You may be confused about which one is the right for you. To help you select the right one, we’ve given an excellent review of a cordless string trimmer below.

Review of Worx WG163 GT 3.0 Cordless String Trimmer

The WG163 GT 3.0 Cordless String Trimmer from Worx is one of the best string trimmers available on the market today. This trimmer provides you with a new level of power with a variety of functions and precisions. Alongside its ultra-lightweight and ergonomic design, this string trimmer has some essential features that you need to consider before purchasing. So, let’s get into them below.

2 in 1 Cutting Tool

This string trimmer comes with a 2-in-one function that works excellent for both trimming and grass edging. It doesn’t require any tool to convert the trimmer into a wheeled edger within seconds. So, you can save your money without purchasing a separate edger.

Core Features

For supporting and guiding the edger, this trimmer has rubberized wheels that provide traction for professional-looking lines when you’re edging. It also has an adjustable dual-function flower spacer guard so that you cannot damage plants while trimming. Besides, it offers a height adjustment to provide you perfect edging and trimming when required.

Powerful Batteries

This excellent trimmer includes 2 powerful 20V Max-lithium batteries that provide maximum power. These lightweight batteries offer you a long-time performance so that you can complete your cutting work without any hassle. Use a battery one and charge another one for further use.

Wider Cutting Diameter

If you’re looking for a string trimmer that has a wider cutting diameter, this trimmer is one of them. It provides 12-inch cutting diameter with 10-inch cutting line length so that you can cut more in less time. It includes a full cutting diameter to get your job quickly.


  • Comes with dual-position wheel
  • Includes two batteries to provide continuous power
  • Features innovative command feed spool
  • Provides a flower space guard for protection
  • Ensures adjustable height


  • It might not be suitable for thick-stemmed weeds


In a nutshell, this string trimmer is a smart option for your garden. It offers several useful features and excellent battery life. So, if you’re looking for a trimmer that comes with an edger, the WORX WG163 GT 3.0 may be a suitable option for you.

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