Be Cautious While Placing Orders with Suppliers

Be Cautious While Placing Orders with Suppliers


In order to get the products done at cheaper price the most common practice is outsourcing it to any factory in Asia. There the cost of production is low, there is abundant workforce and the management out there is always eager to accommodate you. Naturally, what else you will look forward to?

The answer is simple; you will look for quality products. While most businesses are now locating the factories in Asian countries with the hope of cutting cost and increasing profit, but one thing you cannot compromise is the quality of the product.

Every consumer will only like your product when they get the desired quality. There will be no return customer if they do not get expected quality. Thus, you cannot compromise in the quality of the product. Still, it is found that even after taking measures the quality of the product is not that good. The reason is simple, you didn’t check on the supplier before placing the order with them.

Measures you can take

When quality of product is important to you along with low cost of product, the supplier plays the most important role. It is they who will produce the product and if they do not do it according to your expectations you are gone. So, instead of relying on future get supplier Audit Asia done. This audit will be a preventive measure on your part and you can know varied things about the supplier.

Many will still argue that why will a supplier compromise on the quality of product while they know that they may not get repeat order? Actually, there is huge demand of products and there are many supplier who keeps on getting orders because the charge you less, very less! They do not have goals of creating long term relationship. Rather they want to maximize their profit from the first chance they get. Even there are factories that will provide you with high quality products at the starting and then gradually the quality will diminish. All this will hamper your reputations. Thus, it is best that you get a supplier Audit Asia done which will ensure that you do not fall prey to such suppliers.

Mistakes you should avoid

There are certain mistakes that you must avoid in order to ensure that your business is not compromising on the quality of the product.

  • You do not hire a third party inspection company.

Especially when your manufacturer assures you that they will provide you with the same quality products as you require. They may also say that they will get the inspection done. As its your interest you must always rely on third party and not your manufacturer.

  • Do not get the goods inspected before shipping them

Never ever assume that the goods produced are as per standard. Always get them inspected and let the shipment start. This may cost you a bit, but surely will save you a lot of harassments that you have to face if the goods are of low quality.

Also never make full advance. This may make the supplier take a negative decision even if they don’t do it normally.

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