The Choices You Can Add with Polished Plastering

The Choices You Can Add with Polished Plastering

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In case of polished plastering the surface is resistant to deformation, capable of withstanding external physical impact and sudden changes in temperature. The life of the plaster reaches 15 years. The strength of the surface increases when interacting with a carbon mixture: a protective film is formed on the surface.

Range of colors

The material can be any different color and texture, it depends on the design ideas and installation technology. To obtain the desired saturation or effect, you must add the appropriate dye. The effect of antiquity can be achieved by adding about two millimeters of marble granular diameter to the mixture. Plaster also allows you to create an art painting, but this job requires adequate skills and accuracy.

Easy dismantling

Partial repair or complete coating replacement is easy to implement. Due to the peculiarity of the appearance, the seams of the old and new coverings are not impressive. The plaster texture allows repeated replacement of the applied coating.

They should be considered when choosing this coverage:

Large expenditure of physical strength and time

The high quality placement of this coating material requires a long and laborious job. The sketch surface must be leveled and the mixture must be placed strictly according to the technology. The smoother is the texture, the more precise the composition. Failure to comply with the rules will lead to the formation of spots and stains. You can go for more info in that case.

High cost High quality material contains natural rock, so it is not cheap

  • Facing cheap analogs seems unnatural. In addition, the operational properties of the surface depend on the quality of the product.
  • The masters recommend not to skimp on raw materials and modeling devices in order to obtain the perfect coverage with a long service life.


The most popular plaster is “Veneto”. A characteristic of this type of cladding is the effect of dull ground marble. The decorative matt surface is suitable for facing any installation. The advantage of this plaster is its low cost and availability. The coating does not require special operating conditions, so it is advantageous to buy it in families with children or pets.

Shiny plaster

The material creates a visual effect of interior lighting, creating a mirror effect on the walls. When placing the layers is half transparent, which allows overlapping various shades? This plaster will be an excellent solution to create a classic style interior. The cover harmonizes perfectly with the frescoes.

If you want to get the effect of marble designers, we recommend buying plaster. Textured surface under the rays of light gives an unusual play of colors. The cover resembles velvet with impregnations or shiny streaks.The masters recommend the use of this plaster to decorate environments with high humidity, because it is the most resistant to humidity among analogues.


Materials with a matt surface are more popular on the market because they require less maintenance. Semi-matte coating designed for those who are afraid of the appearance of stains on mirrored surfaces, but who want to preserve the shine. Reflective stains make the plaster look like granite.

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