Importance of Suppliers Audit in Asia

Importance of Suppliers Audit in Asia


Auditing your supplier is essential to see they are worth manufacturing and deliver as per the international trading standards. This is because; there are many developing nations in Asia. They all export garments, leather made goods, processed foods, toys, and electronics. They are the best to import for the product quality and their price. Therefore, hiring a third-party audit and inspection agent is the best for any importer or retailer.

Supplier auditing Asia is necessary to carry if you import goods from the below-mentioned Asian countries.

  • Bangladesh
  • Cambodia
  • China
  • India
  • Indonesia
  • Japan
  • Korea
  • Malaysia
  • Myanmar
  • Pakistan
  • Philippines
  • Taiwan
  • Thailand
  • Vietnam

Basic Factory Audits

A basic factory audit will check for ownership, creditworthiness and their present status in the business. The retailer must send a 3rd party auditing team to check your supplier business license. This is because, if they have not renewed them, it will cause trouble in future production. Moreover, your supplier must not be in terms of other companies for mergers, tie-ups, and acquisitions. Here, they can sell them to other parties too.


A factory will be having technical and non-technical staff. You must see there are any labor disputes with your supplier in the past. If yes, this can hinder future business. This can happen when the labor set for an indefinite strike. Therefore, you must send a third-part auditing agent and check how healthy and safe the labors are. You must check they are paid on time. They are compensated for any additional hour spends in the factory. They are getting proper statutory allowances or not. A supplier following the best in labor compliances is the best to do business.

Complete Factory Auditing

A complete supplier auditing Asia is necessary if you are going to deal with a long-term trading contract. Here, you have to hire a reputed auditing firm to carry a complete factory audit. However, this may cost you more than other factory audits. Yet, it will save you money and time by avoiding bad business. Here, the auditing takes place with a business license, bank accounts, labor, safety, process, packing, and deliverables. This auditing also includes the social compliances and industrial compliances in manufacturing. It may take more than one day if the factory size is big. You can trust a supplier if they are following the best practice as per the industrial rules of that nation.

A trusted third-party auditing agency will come for 24/7 auditing. They do visit more than one site on the same day. A professional team does not take any additional charges for auditing at different sites. They have English speaking staff. They do give factory auditing reports in English. It is advisable to compare the cost of factory auditing with the top 10 auditing companies in Asia. You can select the one, which has more reputation. You can book them online from your country. They will give some discounts and offers too. It will be better to hire them for a long-term contract.

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