How to Stay Fit at Home During Self-Isolation

How to Stay Fit at Home During Self-Isolation

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For the past few months, people around the world have lost all sense of normalcy. What was once so taken for granted is now the thing most of us crave most. We are all dying to get outside, hug friends, tip a waiter, get some coffee, and engage in a million other small interactions we used to do every day. The coronavirus pandemic has sent shockwaves through all of our lives. It can in what seemed like an instant, shuttering businesses and sending people back into their homes. Now, months later, we’re still in quarantine self-isolating from others to preserve public health. It’s easy to understand why self-isolation has wreaked havoc on some people’s health and diet. There’s so much stress out there, some of us try to eat it away by finding comfort in food. We’re also prevented from going to the gym and doing other activities like playing soccer or basketball in a park. Even walking or running outside has people worried.

How can you stay fit during self-isolation when there’s nowhere to go and no gyms are open? Well, it’s surprisingly easy. All you need is a bit of space and some help tracking your progress and you’ll be on the path to better physical fitness. Here are some tips on how you can stay fit during the quarantine.

Adjust Your Diet

Even when you can get outside and exercise, diet is the most important component of physical fitness. Indulgences are hard to pay for when it comes to high-calorie foods. Most people have no idea how long or hard they have to work out to burn off that candy bar or beer. Put in the time to learn about nutrition and the food you’re eating.

What you need to keep in your mind is calories in versus calories out. If you want to gain weight, then you need to eat more calories than you burn. Losing weight requires you to eat less than you burn. It’s really a simple math issue, but it requires you understanding what foods have how many calories. Thankfully, there are a ton of apps on your phone that can track virtually any food so you can enter in the calories you consume. Then you’ll know how hard you have to work out to stay fit.

During self-isolation, you should account for the fact that you’re probably moving around less and sitting for more hours than during your normal routine pre-pandemic. That means you’re likely burning fewer calories.

At-Home Exercises

There are things you can do at home to exercise and stay fit. Sure, if you’re a professional athlete or used to performing at a high level, then you’re probably making some sacrifices during the quarantine. However, you can keep a moderate level of fitness without leaving the house. Exercises like pushups, sit-ups, planking, jumping jacks, jumping rope, and other at-home exercises are great for fitness and easy for beginners. They’re also incredibly effective no matter what type of athlete you are.

Get Interactive

Look into digital workout routines you can have fun with. If you own a video gaming console, there are games you can buy that will lead you through calisthenics, yoga, and other types of workouts. Even if you only have a phone or a computer, you can hop on the internet and get a video exercise routine in minutes. That will be more engaging than just staring at a wall while you do pushups.

The Potential of Peptides

A peptide named Melatonan 2, developed by the University of Arizona in the 1980s, showed in research done on mice and rats that it could potentially increase fat burning and speed up metabolisms. Though there have not been any clinical trials done on humans, there’s exciting potential here.

Supplements Can Help

Taking supplements can help keep you fit during self-isolation as well. Now, simply taking the supplements may not do much, but they can fill gaps that are caused by staying inside. One of the biggest issues people in the country have with regard to vitamins is a Vitamin D deficiency. Taking supplemental Vitamin D can help you feel better and promote overall health.

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