Skin related problems are increasing day by day as we are letting our skin and hairs being treated by chemicals. These chemicals do make our skin glowing instantly and will make you hairs look good but in long run these chemicals on our skin has bad effects. It may lead to dryness on the skin. when hairs get treated there are chances that they become dry which leads to dandruff and hair fall. So doctors recommend whenever a person goes through any type of hair treatment, he must take the best dandruff shampoo for color treated hair. This will help in controlling all such hair problems. If the problem does not stop by these shampoos, this type of cases is further referred to medications.

One can take the following steps in addition to regular shampooing to solve the issues of dandruff and dry scalp:

  • Managing stress: it is one of the biggest source of all the health problems that a person can suffer. more stress consumes more water from the brain and it causes dryness on the hair scalp. So in order to control dandruff and dryness, first thing is to manage stress. One must learn to manage stress properly so that one can involve himself in a healthy lifestyle in order to live wisely.
  • Shampoo often: to control the hair related issues like dandruff, it is recommended to shampoo hair with the dandruff shampoo colored hair. Wide range of shampoos are available in the market which are specialized in solving particular problem. In case people who have oily scalp then also they must shampoo their hair regularly so that excess of the oils can be removed and proper care can be taken of hair.
  • Sitting under sun: sun is good for hair and skin as it provides the necessary vitamin D that make our skin and hair healthier. But more exposure to sun may cause damage the skin and hairs. UV rays from the sun damages skin and can even cause cancer so one should not sunbathe. But one should spend some time outdoors and one must apply sunscreen on the face in order to prevent from tanning and look good.
  • Alternative natural medicines: tea tree oil, aloe vera, vitamin E can also have proven to be helpful in reducing the dandruff. This has been used since earlier times in order to cure such problems. These are also antifungal agent. It is now even used as an ingredient in many of the famous shampoos.

When all the remedies in regard to the shampoos fail then medication are the only option left to be used in order to cure the problem of dandruff. In case there is itching or redness then one must use the medical attention and the consultancy of the doctors so that there may not be any further loss of any type. As per the medication the zinc shampoos which contain antifungal agents can be used. This helps to reduce the fungus on the scalp and solve the problem of dandruff. Coal tar based shampoos can also be used in such cases. It slows down the growth of the cells in the scalp.

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