3 Tips for a Great Website

3 Tips for a Great Website


A critical factor in conversions is calls-to-action. These are the sections of the websites directing customers to share information, sign up for newsletters, or make a purchase. Calls-to-action must be concise and persuasive in order to garner visitors’ attention and lead to a conversion. Understanding the details making great call-to-action copy enables business owners to make the most prudent decisions when designing their website.

Providing Solutions

The benefits of the call-to-action must be defined or the visitor may not recognize usefulness. Instead of a simplistic, “click here,” more proactive quality websites detail what the proposed action will gain the potential customer. Detailing free downloads, consultations and offers holds visitors’ interests and increases the likelihood of visitors becoming paying customers.

Successful Calls-to-Action are Highly Visible

After determining the best copy for a call-to-action, it is time to resolve how the great quality web design should complement the call-to-action. Whitespace is a must as it creates a sense of focus for visitors. This directs their eyes to the main elements of the website. Muddled pages lack an aesthetically pleasing user interface and will not result in the desired conversion rate.

Copy Containing a Sense of Urgency

Potential customers respond best to calls-to-action creating a sense of urgency. Quality website design prompts customers to perform an action by leading them to believe delaying further action may cost them. Calls-to-action appearing to be time-sensitive or assuming a limited quantity compel visitors to act on the offer immediately.
Securing quality web designers assures business owners their call-to-action copy will attract visitors and lead to a desirable conversion rate. The professionals at Magicdust have serviced over 4,000 clients in Australia and are excited to discuss the options available for businesses of all sizes. Experienced copywriters make the difference in the website’s overall ability to attract new business.

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